Lip Serum Regenerating and Nourishing 2018-06-05T14:08:50+02:00

Project Description

Lip Serum Regenerating and Nourishing

Regenerating and nourishing LIP SERUM with concentrated formula has Beeswax, Argan oil and Vitaskin®
bioactive complex thanks to which it effectively regenerates, smoothes and moisturizes the sensitive lip skin.
Preparation has nourishing activities and it effectively accelerates healing of microdamages and soothes irritations.
It protects the skin natural hydro-lipid barrier, makes the skin elastic and the lips perfectly smooth.
Regular use of the serum leaves the lips smooth and soft.

Plant active ingredients:
Argan oil – intensively nourishes and smoothes
Beeswax – soothes irritations, regenerates
Vitaskin® – stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin

Use: apply directly on lips throughout the year depending on individual needs.
Includes ingredients with ECOCERT certificate