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Project Description

AntiMicrobial Nail Conditioner

Nails prone to fungal infections.

Supports the fight against microorganisms*
Restores healthy condition of nails*
Regenerates, nourishes, lightens*

Innovated formula of the nail conditioner contains advanced combination of active ingredients which strengthen,
nourish and whiten nails prone to fungal infections.
Beneficial effect of SILVER is immediately visible – molecules penetrate into the nail structure
and effectively prevent development of microorganisms in the place of their arising.
*Tests carried out under the supervision of the dermatologist.

SILVER IONS – has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. They react with the proteins of the epidermis, thus creating an impermeable coating for bacteria and viruses.
VITAMIN E – vitamin E strengthens nails, helps to heal infections, providing them with a healthy glow.
CALCIUM – strengthens and nourishes, increasing resistance against mechanical damage, fragility and cracks. Eliminates white spots on nails.
ALG EXTRACT – effectively moisturizes, strengthens and improves the structure of the nail plate.
LEMON EXTRACT – strengthens and brightens minor discolorations.
UV FILTERS – provide the nails with high protection against UVA / UVB radiation. In addition, it protects against discoloration.