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Project Description

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Nails and Hair

Cliniq Vita Nails and Hair – it is a dietary supplement with a large dose of Horsetail extract and Nettle extract, supporting nails and hair regeneration, preventing from splitting and breakage. The complex formula of vitamins and minerals necessary for proper functioning of the organism significantly impacts on the health condition of nails and hair.

Effects of vitamins:

• nails and hair regeneration
• intense growth stimulation

The preparation is recommended for:

– People with nails problems:
• thin, weak, breaking, splitting nails
• soft, mat, dry, damaged nails
– People with hair problems:
• excessive hair loss, weak growth, dryness
• breakage, splitting ends, shineless, damaged hair

Multi Complex Active-Pro:
Horsetail Extract – restores the damaged structure of hair and nails, effectively prevents split ends and breakage.
Nettle Extract – inhibits the production of dihydrotestosterone – the hormone responsible for hair loss. The use of nettle extract regenerates the structure of the nails and stimulates the growth of the nail plate.
Vitamin C – essential for the production of collagen, which builds the structure of the nail.

The product contains up to 50 mg Extract of Nettle and 25 mg Extract of Horsetail, which facilitate the regeneration of hair and nails, preventing them from split ends and breakage.

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