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Joints and Bones

Cliniq Vita Joints – it is a dietary supplement supporting regeneration of articular cartilages. Thanks to well selected combination of vitamins, it absorbs mechanic shocks and ensures high resistance of cartilage.

Effects of vitamins:

• Active Regeneration of
• Damages Articular Cartilages
• Degenerative Joint Disease Prevention

The preparation is recommended for:

• persons exposed to joints issues
• elder and with overweight people
• people actively practicing sports
• loss of immunity
• during menopause period

Multi Complex Active-Pro:
Collagen – an important ingredient of cartilages, bones, tendons and other connective tissues. It intensively stimulates cartilage cells to produce high amounts of collagen. It has anti- inflammatory properties in degenerative joint diseases, reduces pain.
Vitamin C– it is necessary for collagen production that builds cartilage, improves condition of connective tissue and is responsible for condition of joints and tendons. It has anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates regeneration of damaged joints, improves healing, fights free radicals.
bioFlavonoids of Sophora– they have anti-inflammatory properties and are natural antioxidants. They reduce risk of

The product contains up to 100 mg of Collagen, 80 mg of Vitamin C and 15 mg of unique bioFlavonoids from Sophora, so the vitamin stimulates cartilage cells to secreted large amounts of collagen, anti-inflammatory function, alleviates pain, accelerates regeneration of damaged joints.

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