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6 ml

Cleasing Mask PEEL-OFF

Organic Ingredients 100% NATURAL

Unique formula which contains active ingredients, removes impurities of a skin, dead skin cells and deeply cleanses pores. Active ingredients firms and moisturizes a skin, smoothes and gives elasticity and reseliences After use skin stay clean and nourished.


• Deep cleans pores
• Removes impurities and excess fat
• Soothes irritations
• Dries pimples
• Prevents the generation of a blackheads
• Mattes the skin for hours
• Provides the skin supple and silky smooth

Pineapple Extract – disinfectins, antibacterial and exfoliating, deeply cleanses a skin and pores.
Peach Seed Extract – strongly regenerate and rebuild damaged skin.
D- Pantenol – speeds up the healing of wounds, reduces itching and inflammation. Smoothes a skin and adds elasticity.


How to use: clean the skin of face and apply evenly the mask. Leave for 10-15 minutes, until completely dry. Gently remove, starting from the outsides of a face. Residues wash off with warm water. Apply once a week. Attention: Do not apply the mask near to hair, eyes and mouth. In case of contact with eyes wash with large amount of water.

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