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Acne and Pimples

Cliniq Vita Acne and Pimples – it is a dietary supplement with well selected composition and a large dose of Zinc, Selenium and Wild Pansy Extract that effectively eliminates acne and subcutaneous inflammatory states. It has strong antibacterial properties, regulates the secretion of sebum and effectively prevents from blackheads. Zinc active properties support healing and regeneration of epidermis. It has properties to eliminate acne and acne scars and acts as preventive agent.

Effects of vitamins:

• reduce inflammation
• reduces the symptoms of acne
• prevents zaskórnikom
• normalizes secretion of sebum

The preparation is recommended for:

• people with acne lesions and blackheads
• with sebaceous glands overacting
• with skin inflammatory states
• young and in the period of puberty and prepuberty

The product contains up to 50 mg Heartsease, 7.5 mg of Zinc and 25 mcg of Selenium, which effectively eliminate acne and the causes of its creation, regulate seborrhea, antibacterial, subcutaneous accelerate metabolism and eliminate toxins

Multi Complex Active-Pro:
Zinc + Selenium – effectively eliminates acne and its causes, a long-lasting skin disease that is especially resistant to therapy. They are helpful at moist eczema, have antibacterial properties, regulate seborrhoea. Additionally, they have strong regeneration properties.
Wild Pansy – it soothes acne symptoms, has antibacterial properties, improves blood vessels, improves subcutaneous metabolism and eliminates toxins.
Vitamin B6 – inhibits sebum production, supports treatment of seborrhoeic dermatitis, regulates metabolism.
Vitamin C – it is a strong antioxidant that facilitates synthesis of collagen. It removes free radicals that negatively impact on skin pH and sebaceous glands. Vitamin C reduces sebum production and has anti-inflammatory properties, which effectively inhibits development of bacteria harmful to skin.

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