BiO – means Life


Every year popularity of bio-preparations increases. At present moment, bio-products are the main attribute of healthy lifestyle and mindful choices of modern active people.
The word “bio” means “life” and all the products marked as “bio” have a number of essential advantages when compared to mass products. Professional Bioteq preparations have all of these advantages – targeted to solve the skin, nails and hair problems:

  • completely supervised production process: from the cultivation of active ingredients up to store shelves placement
  • plants from certified ecological plantations located in contamination free areas
  • plantations are located in different, often the most exotic parts of the world
  • bio-preparations formulas consist with several plant extracts
  • production is strictly aligned with the very restrictive international quality standards established by European Union
  • at least 95% of natural substances in products receipes
  • skin friendly preparations – they do not cause allergies nor irritation
  • they do not contain preservatives, coloration, pesticides and GMOs
  • environmental standards are followed on every stage of product creation
  • any animal has never suffered due to production process, nor any plants endangered with extinction were used.

Consumer using Bioteq products is sure of top-quality preparations and their efficacy.
If you decide to buy our products, you gain confidence and satisfaction with keeping our planet naturally beautiful and clean

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