Bioteq Biology&Technology

Professional Bioteq preparations are the outcome of 20 years experience of Mіchel Laboratory.

Dynamic brand introduction to Polish and foreign markets is the multifactor success. Huge technological backup, professional team of specialists, high quality bio-ingredients used for production, as well as modernity, innovation and understanding of consumer needs are reflected in finding customers in such markets as: Spain, the Netherlands, Russia, Lithuania, Ecuador.
Creating our products we cooperate with scientists, researchers and experts. We use unique substances coming from the far corners of the world. We examine the material in regard to content of biologically active substances; we analyze their effects and cross-reactions with other components, so that we can understand the influence of various compounds on our body.
With our experts’ professionalism we have been trusted by our customers for years.
We are constantly working on the strategy for strong and recognizable Bioteq brand.
We are developing the ideas to launch the new preparations based upon the unique recipes, targeted to solve specific physiological and skin conditions.
Bіoteq found its place in such distribution channels like networks, drugstores and most of all pharmacies. This demonstrates the market demand for this kind of professional product.

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