Bioteq Biology & Technology – is a brand which combines 20 years of great Michel Laboratory experience, the scientific potential of specialists and targeted effects of natural products.

Bioteq is a synergy of modern biotechnology and traditional cosmetology actively supporting health, youth and beauty.

Bioteq Biology & Technology – these are not only natural preparations produced from curative plants. These are high-quality products with effect targeted to the problems of the skin, hair and nails. Excellent efficacy results from composition of carefully selected active components and bio-substances, developed by team of biotechnologists, pharmacists and cosmetologists.


Products Bioteq have such advantages:

– completely supervised production process: from the cultivation of active ingredients up to store shelves placement

– plants from certified ecological plantations located in contamination free areas

– plantations are located in different, often the most exotic parts of the world

– bio-preparations formulas consist with several plant extracts

– production is strictly aligned with the very restrictive international quality standards established by European Union

– at least 95% of natural substances in products receipes

– skin friendly preparations – they do not cause allergies nor irritation

– they do not contain preservatives, coloration, pesticides and GMOs

– environmental standards are followed on every stage of product creation

– any animal has never suffered due to production process (not tested on animals), nor any plants endangered with extinction were used.


Our products meet all GMP standards, what has been certified by ISO 22716, and the efficacy is proven by research institute.

All curative plants, which our products recipes are based on, are grown ecologically in the far corners of our planet. The Bioteq brand creators cooperate with the best and most exotic plantations in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe, which allows creating highly effective products! We examine the unique attributes of substances in our laboratory, so we get the highest quality products.